We are always looking for PhD, postdoc and master students interested in phages, mycobacteria or proteomics. Feel free to contact us for collaborations, info or outreach!

Andrea Fossati (PI)
Andrea obtained his PhD in Proteomics and Systems Biology working with Ruedi Aebersold at the Institute of Molecular System Biology (ETH Zurich), where he developed next-generation interaction proteomics approaches. As a postdoc with Nevan Krogan at the University of California, San Francisco, he studied virus-host interactions for prokaryotic and eukaryotic viruses using a combination of proteomics and functional genomics. In 2023 he got awarded a Data-driven Life Science starting grant to establish his own research group in Stockholm at Karolinska Institutet in January 2024. When not in the lab he can be found enjoying the outdoors and rock climbing.